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Whole House Generators in Berkley, MI

Whole house generators can provide automatic power restoration during electrical service outages. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Spas • Hot Tubs • Pools in Berkley, MI

Yes, we specialize in the providing electrical service to your toys, including pools, spas and hot tubs. We install to code and will pull the necessary permits to stay in compliance with any city ordinances.

Wiring for Remodeling in Berkley, MI

Have a remodeling project in mind? Give us a call. Be it a room addition, porch, kitchen, bath or even a home theater. We will get the job done in time with the proper permits, additional circuits, proper wiring to your designer's specification. We will also recommend additional options once we understand your project.

New Home Wiring in Berkley, MI

Are you building a new home and need an electrical contractor, Castle Electric is the right choice. Proper choice and installation of new electrical service to meet your needs.

Electrical Repairs in Berkley, MI

Are you constantly blowing fuses or popping your breakers. You may have short or a load that is causing the problem. Castle Electric will rapidly identify the issue and recommend economical resolution alternatives.

Fuse Box | Circuit Breaker Box Installation in Berkley, MI

Have an old fuse box that needs replacement? Castle Electric can convert outdated fuse boxes or electrical panel to code while handling all the necessary code requirements including pulling permits through final inspection. We will review your existing electrical layout, make recommendations and optimize the electrical service in your home.

Recessed Lighting Installation in Berkley, MI

Interested in giving your home a new look with recessed lighting or track lighting? Castle Electric can help with the whole project. From design to wiring and installation.

Low Voltage or "Soft" Wiring | Sound, Video and Intercom Wiring in Berkley, MI

Have a project that needs soft wiring such as your home theater or an intercom system. Castle Electric can handle the task efficiently. We run soft wiring for new homes and businesses as well as remodeling projects. With our skill in wiring combined with our construction and remodeling experience we become a one stop company to meet your needs

Fixing Code Violations in Berkley, MI

Have a code violation the needs resolution? Call Castle Electric. We work with local city inspectors to bring any violation up to code, quickly and with compliance to the violation. We will also work with the inspectors until the violation is resolved.

City Certificates in Berkley, MI

Need a certificate of occupancy from the city? Castle Electric can help.

220V Outlets Installation in Berkley, MI

Need a 220 volt outlet for that new kitchen range, hot tub, air compressor or dryer. Castle Electric can help permit and then install and wire your new device.

Ceiling Fans Installation in Berkley, MI

Ceiling fans provide a good method of slowly circulation air within a room, providing ambience as well. Proper installation and wiring is critical for providing easy control and safe operation. Castle Electric can install to your specification, be it the whole project or simply providing electrical service to code.

Energy Savings | Nest Products Installation in Berkley, MI

Save up to 10% of your heating costs by installing a "Nest" thermostat which are controlled by Smartphone.

Have An Electrical Issue?

We are ready to help! Click the button and get connected.

Have An Electrical Issue?

We are ready to help! Click the button and get connected.

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